The peaceful Himalayan Mountain Kingdom is one of the most special secluded places on earth offering a humbling and enriching spiritual experience.

Tucked away in the eastern Himalayas like a giant staircase rising from 300 to 7,000 metres between India and the Tibetan Autonomous region of China Bhutan is sparsely populated with little more than half a million people and tourism is restricted to preserve the natural environment and the socio-economic balance and lifestyle of its population.

Bhutan exudes a spiritual charm which makes it a magical location - the mountains are magnificent, the forests dense, the people delightful, the air pure, the architecture imposing, the religion exciting, the art superb – and Gross National Happiness is an operating concept of governance.

From our home base at Amankora - a series of lodges sited throughout Bhutan’s principal western and central valleys where each valley and each lodge has its own character, setting and experience - we set out to explore this enchanted land through innovative and ancient experiences that will still mind, invigorate body and make the spirit soar. And in true Life Unlimited tradition we will even spend a couple of nights in our very own luxury mobile camp made of felt tents.

The beauty of the pastoral landscape can seem unreal to travellers from the industrialised world: houses with brightly decorated window frames and shingle roofs; patchworks of green paddy fields; plots of tawny buckwheat; oak forests; covered bridges; bamboo fences intricately woven; women weaving in the open air; babies laced into horses’ saddle bags; yaks browsing in a grove of giant rhododendron - all punctuated by commemorative monuments that dot the landscape, fluttering prayer flags, monasteries and red-robed monks.

An important goal of Life Unlimited in Bhutan will be to participate in and contribute to the Tiger Corridor Initiative, so instrumental in saving the natural habitat of the tiger, as well as local community initiatives.


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