Each year Life Unlimited hosts three extraordinary experiences in Kenya, East Africa - the cradle of mankind.  We call this first offer “Beginnings” and it is fittingly located in the birthplace of civilisation.

Our luxurious and exclusive base is Hippo Point, a private and serene wildlife sanctuary dating back to 1932 located at 6,200 feet (1,950 metres) on the idyllic shores of Lake Naivasha in the heart of the Great Rift Valley – just 25 minutes from Nairobi by private charter. 

Only available to the general public via private agents, Hippo Point makes for a special home where you can truly let go in the heart of nature, populated by animals and vibrant bird-life. Here we will stretch the mind, feed the body and invigorate the spirit.

Refreshed, we venture on two exciting adventures.  We head north in private Cessna Caravans or helicopters into the ancient remote wilderness of Kenya’s northern frontier district to immerse ourselves in Samburu culture - the tall, lean and flamboyant Nilotic, semi-nomadic pastoralists whose strong profiles, distinctive spears and elaborate hairstyles have given rise to the legend that they may be descendants of the lost Roman legion in search of the Nile.  As the only guests in the only camp in a wilderness area of 850,000 acres - wholly owned by the community - with a backdrop of breathtaking landscape, we let go and breathe in this wonderful but fragile ancient culture, rich with wisdom, and by being there we make a positive contribution to the community’s future.

Next we take private aircraft to the south-west to explore and experience big game in a private concession in the Greater Maasai Mara, staying at a fourth-generation luxury safari camp booked exclusively for Life Unlimited.  Led by the very best local guides in Kenya we will spend time with fast-becoming endangered animals such as elephant and lion to experience their spiritual power and an environment untouched for thousands of years.


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