Better to keep moving than stay in one place - Sami proverb

Children know this snowy winter wonderland as home to Santa Claus and his red nose reindeer but most people know very little about this mysterious region lost on the fringes of Europe, that is truly a gift of nature even Santa would be hard pressed to provide. Lapland has an extraordinary variety in landscape - from classic fjords hung like hammocks between awe-inspiring mountain scenery, sweeping forests of pine and spruce that cloak the inland plateaux of Swedish Lapland, to steely grey lakes and lots of snow.  All the ingredients for a unique winter family experience.

Dressed warm - we will be based in cosy log cabins, bathe in wood-stove saunas several hundred years old, experience the famous Ice Hotel - the largest igloo of its kind, complete with chapel - and travel by ancient methods under reindeer skins on dog and reindeer-powered sleds, which have been the centre of Sami life and culture for thousands of years. We will live with and learn from the Sami, a people who believe that living in harmony with nature is key to their existence and that every element in nature has a soul - be it the wind, stone or animal - and that human beings should move through the countryside without making a noise.  We will dance to the Northern lights of Aurora Borealis - one of the most spectacular sights in Lapland - shimmering arcs of green, blue and yellowish light which can vanish as fast as they appear, caused by solar wind or particles charged by the sun which light up as they reach the earth’s atmosphere.

This is Scandinavia at its most elemental.

More details coming soon.


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