Often called “the last wilderness nation”, Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth, much of it covered in steppes inhabited by nomadic herders who consider their native land sacred.  This will be one of Life Unlimited’s most exciting experiences.

Mongolia is a land of magnificent natural beauty, mesmerizing solitude and hospitable inhabitants, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to discover a lot more about themselves. With its bright-blue skies and dramatic climate Mongolia has ever-changing moods where winds and scenery summon strong personal emotions and where covering its vast distances gets the mind thinking.  A perfect environment to live life unlimited.

Based in the heart of the Gobi Desert among nomadic herders we will experience the peace and quiet of this extraordinary place, sleeping comfortably under cashmere blankets in cozy, wood-stove heated, felt-clad nomadic tents called Gers. This is where life is whittled down to its bare essentials, dominated by a languid (and totally comfortable) spirituality based on nature itself.

From here we will strike out on adventures by Bactrian camel, horse and helicopter - to places like the Flaming Cliffs (where Roy Chapman Andrews, the original Indiana Jones, discovered 80 million year old oviraptor eggs) to the Hongor sand dunes, which ‘sing’ when swept by the wind, and to the fragrant conifer forests of Lake Hovsgol which contains one per cent of the world’s fresh water.  We may even go high into the Altai Mountains, stronghold of the elusive snow leopard.

We will witness the Nadaam games, which date back centuries, when locals demonstrate their arrow skills on horseback, wrestle in silk vests and ornamental boots and race across the Mongolian steppes without a care in the world.  We may see mounted Kazakh Golden Eagle hunters high up in the Altai Mountains (thousands of them used to ride with Ghengis Khan) or camel polo in the colorful annual thousand camel festival.

Life Unlimited Mongolia will be an adventure of a lifetime - one that will also contribute positively to the communities we visit through a number of initiatives dedicated to education, the preservation of the snow leopard and polo.

Given the short window when environmental conditions are perfect in Mongolia we will only run one experience a year with 14 places, so places are extremely coveted.


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